AMR Technology

An AMR (autonomous mobile robot) is a type of robot used in various industries for logistics applications. AMRs can improve efficiency and productivity by performing tasks such as transportation, sorting and delivery, allowing humans to focus on higher value-added tasks.

Why Autonomous Robots?

Unlike stationary material handling systems, AMRs can move freely by means of wireless communication and integrated navigation systems.

AMRs are integrated with warehouse control systems and are used to perform tasks such as picking and sorting of products.

Advantages of using AMR in your company

Improved efficiency and productivity

May perform tasks such as transportation, sorting and delivery of goods.

Equipped with artificial intelligence software

Enables you to interpret your environment and perform tasks autonomously

Integration with warehouse control systems

It is used for picking and sorting of products.

Continuous operation and automation of warehouses

Continuous 24-hour operation performing tasks autonomously

Integration with other technologies

AMRs are integrated with other technologies such as picking, material input/output, loading systems and others.

AMR Autonomous Robots improve efficiency with automated processes.

AMRs are an increasingly popular solution in warehouse automation projects, with an estimated global market of more than $4 billion by 2025. Equipped with advanced sensors, artificial intelligence software and digital maps of the warehouse, it allows them to interpret their environment and perform tasks autonomously.

At Tech-id we help you to integrate AMR robots in your company or business.

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