Mobility Management

Nowadays it is necessary to perform delivery/pickup operations with the highest levels of service and quality. This requires a correct dimensioning of resources as well as an optimal planning of the tasks to be performed. And finally, it is necessary to execute these planned tasks in a timely manner.

Efficient Mobile Delivery Coordination

At Tech Id we differentiate different tasks within the mobile delivery process, which although independent, can work in a coordinated and integrated manner, optimizing the overall process to the maximum.

Thus, there is a first task of planning and sizing of resources that is carried out initially and not in a mobility environment.

Benefits of implementing Tech id's mobility solution

Control loading / unloading

Advanced solutions for precise handling. Improves productivity and reduces time.

Control of deliveries/collections

Optimize your delivery and pick-up operations for an unparalleled customer experience

Incident management with image capture

Streamlines solutions and improves operational efficiency.

Real-time monitoring and tracking of the execution of the geopositioning process.

Optimize the performance of your operations with real-time monitoring

Improving Customer Experience through Traceability in Mobile Operations

By working with traceability systems in mobile operations, your company will be able to improve and enhance the customer experience by offering your customer visibility and traceability of their order, their returns, guaranteeing and proving carbon footprint, cold chain, etc.

Real-Time Resource Optimization

There are tools that, using complex resource optimization algorithms, based on the orders to be delivered and/or picked up, as well as the different stops to be made, offer different scenarios, resulting in the resources required and/or presented, and the routes generated for each resource.

In this way, it is possible to correctly manage resources, offering the possibility of being very flexible and adapting them to daily realities.

In this way, your company will be able to:

Benefits of implementing mobile delivery

Cost Reduction

By optimizing routes and monitoring fuel consumption, companies can reduce operating costs. In addition, the software can help minimize unplanned downtime by scheduling preventive maintenance.

Improve the security of your deliveries

By having a traceability of products and goods it is possible to ensure the correct delivery at the destination, as well as to have a documentary proof of it: both in signature and in geo positioning during delivery.

Improving Driver Safety

Real-time monitoring of driver behavior enables detection of dangerous behaviors, such as speeding or hard braking. This improves driver safety and reduces the risk of accidents.

Regulatory Compliance

Many trucking companies must comply with specific regulations, such as hours of service (HOS) logging for drivers. Fleet management software facilitates compliance and provides documentation needed for audits and regulatory compliance.

Fleet and Vehicle Management

Trucking companies often operate a variety of vehicles, from trucks to light vehicles. The software allows all these assets to be managed and monitored in a single system.

Productivity Improvement

Real-time tracking and efficient scheduling enable companies to deliver more deliveries or services in less time, increasing productivity.

Driver Management

Just as the system helps you manage your vehicles, it will help you manage your human resources, optimizing and managing breaks, etc.

Cargo Security

Some systems include sensors that can monitor cargo safety, such as the temperature of perishable products.

Customer Experience

The ability to provide customers with accurate information about the location and status of their shipments improves customer satisfaction.

Theft and Loss Reduction

Real-time tracking and alerts can help prevent theft and cargo loss.

Reports and Analysis

Provides detailed reports on fleet performance, aiding in data-driven decision making.
All Tech Id solutions are focused on the integration of data in corporate systems, in this case the correct management of executive data (with a control tower) and strategic data through BI systems and/or dashboards takes special relevance.

At Tech-id we help you to implement mobile deliveries in your company or business.

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