Voice Technology

Voice technology is a tool that has evolved over time, allowing us to interact with information systems through vocal commands.

Voice in Logistics Environments

Over time, voice systems in logistics and industrial environments have evolved to encompass a variety of processes beyond picking. Until now, voice solutions were only applied to picking processes, as this is usually a very manual process and requires complex interaction or integration between the execution and the warehouse management tool.

With voice solutions, picking tasks can be accelerated, but above all, the reality of the picking process can be updated consistently and truthfully with respect to the planned task: how many actual units have been picked from each line, from which batch or location, etc.

At Tech id we expand the tasks managed by voice systems and not only work in picking tasks but also manage processes such as quality control, check lists, inventory management and complex tasks in general.

Works with other technologies

In many cases, these voice systems are combined with other technologies, such as RFID, machine vision, electronic tags (ESL), PTL, or even the RF terminal itself, handheld or ring scanners, printers, etc. to achieve even greater efficiency of the process itself. This is called a multimodal system.

At Tech id, we study and analyze your processes to jointly define and develop a complete solution, applying and combining the available technologies, which adapts to the specific needs of your company, digitizing and optimizing the execution of the processes in your information systems (ERP, WMS,…).

Honeywell Voice Solution (Vocollect)

In professional and industrial environments, specialized voice systems are essential. Vocollect, developed by Honeywell, leads the market with more than 30 years of experience in this field, whether with Windows, Linux or Android systems.

Vocollect is based on an advanced voice recognition system that allows operators to use voice commands to communicate with the management system and receive real-time instructions. Operators wear headsets with built-in microphones and, using predefined voice commands, can confirm information to the system. All this can be done in noisy or extreme environments such as cold plants.

Why use Voice Technology in your company?


Vocollect is based on an advanced voice recognition system that allows operators to use commands to communicate with the management system and receive instructions in real time.


Voice is a technology designed to operate in the most extreme and noisy environments. Collects information and enables smooth communication.

Increased Efficiency, Reduced Errors

Voice interaction reduces communication errors compared to manual data entry methods, ensuring the accuracy of the information integrated, in real time, into your information system.

Increased Productivity

Operators work with their hands and eyes free, improving overall productivity.

Minimizes the impact of staff turnover

A vocal solution is a guided and fully intuitive system with the ability to adapt the language to the user. In this way, any user, of any language, is able to be fully operational in a few minutes in tasks that would require days or weeks of training using other technologies.

Improving the Worker Experience

  • Streamlines operations
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Increases workplace safety by allowing operators to be more aware of their surroundings without the need to hold devices or documents in their hands.
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Creates a more comfortable and efficient work environment.

greater efficiency

A voice solution eliminates the need for paper or other devices, allowing operators to work faster and more efficiently, reducing processing times.

Increases productivity and saves time

Improve the efficiency of your employees thanks to Voice technology, applying live voice commands and improving communication efficiency whatever the work environment.

Integrate Voice Technology in your Business or Company

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