Industrial Machine Vision

Machine vision, a constantly developing technology, has found a prominent application in recent years, especially in supply chain processes for process automation and optimization.

Artificial Vision

Machine vision opens up a wide range of opportunities in process identification and automation. However, it is essential to approach these applications in a coherent manner and aligned with the needs of the processes to be optimized.

The key lies in integrating these processes with the company’s corporate or management systems, and it is precisely at this point where an innovation project of this kind can provide a differential value to your company.

What are the differences between machine vision and computer vision?


Machine Vision technology takes care of control and identification in a very specific and concrete field of vision, with constant and unchanging illumination. It is usually applied in industrial automatic lines for quality control, identification of packaging or sales products, OCR, among others.


Computer Vision deals with the management and study of images from a more general perspective. It works with wider fields of view and varying light conditions, incorporating artificial intelligence for more accurate analysis as it processes more video footage.

Differential characteristics of Computer Vision

Artificial Intelligence

This type of solution offers a wide range of applications as the system learns as it performs more image analysis.

Massive Reading

The application of computer vision offers the opportunity to perform mass readings in very large reading fields, the beach of a warehouse, for example. It is able to perform an infinite number of readings constantly.

Systems in motion

At last it is possible to read a two-dimensional moving code accurately and reliably, but at an affordable cost.

Proof of life:

The option of working with images offers a possibility that no other identification technology offers: image proofing. It is indeed possible to store and display the proof of value as many times as necessary.

Fully automated systems

During the projects it is necessary to confirm and validate the integration with corporate systems, but also the interface with the user so that it becomes a highly effective tool.

Multiple applications

The high readability offers the option of applying different business rules or processes at the same time. In other words, with the same implemented technology it is possible to carry out several intertwined processes.

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