RTLS technology

RTLS is a wireless technology used to locate and plot, in real time, objects, people or assets in motion.

Real-time information on systems and devices

RTLS systems use a variety of technologies, such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), GPS (Global Positioning System), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and sensors, to provide real-time information on the location and movement of objects.

Main applications of RTLS technology

Asset management

RTLS is used to track and locate physical assets in real time, helping to optimize inventory management and logistics in warehouses, hospitals, distribution centers and other industries.

Fleet management

With RTLS, the location of moving vehicles and equipment can be monitored and tracked in real time, facilitating fleet management and efficient route planning.

Security and access control

RTLS is used to control and track people’s access to restricted areas, such as corporate buildings, hospitals and airports. This ensures greater safety and allows for more precise control of the location of people in case of emergency.

Personnel management

RTLS is used to track the location of personnel in real time, which can help improve operational efficiency, safety and tasking.

Health care management

In healthcare environments, RTLS is used to track the location of medical equipment, patients and staff. In the case of patients, it can monitor waiting times, ensure timely response in case of emergencies and measure the time elapsed from patient admission to arrival in the operating room.

RTLS helps to save time by providing immediate information

RTLS systems have many applications in the automotive industry, where it is used for asset management of parts and finished product and in production to optimize manufacturing processes, in the world of logistics, where it helps us to improve the efficiency and accuracy of delivery processes or in healthcare environments where we can track medical assets and patient management.

A very important part of an RTLS solution is the software that processes and filters all the readings taken and converts them into business information. We work with the application developed by the company Nologis.

At Tech id, we study and analyze your processes to jointly define and develop a complete solution, applying and combining the available technologies, which adapts to the specific needs of your company.

At Tech-id we help you to integrate RTLS Technology in your Company or Business.

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